We’ve located the best team in the world to help us build and scale the first platform for location engineering, pictured here with their most precious “Pixified” things.

Amir Bassan-Eskenazi CEO, Co-Founder
Ofer Friedman CTO, Co-Founder
Tsach Shwartz VP, Research & Development
Alon Carmely VP, Finance
Gidi Ferber VP, Human Resources
Elad Baram VP, Products
Vera Bevini VP, Marketing
Dror Ben Yehuda Director, Hardware
Gili Elias Director, Software & Firmware
Dror Farkash Director, QA
Benny Lifschitz Director, Algorithms
Ziv Kitlaro Director MASW
Ilan Agranat Software Engineer
Zeev Jelinek Mobile Software Engineer
Ilan Levy Mobile Software Engineer
Almog Revivo Mobile Software Engineer
Elad Shpiner Algorithms Engineer
Anastasia Zak Bookkeeper
Hagay Halperin Firmware SW Engineer
Aviad Atlas Student Engineer
Lilach Wagner MASW Engineer
Tsachi Rosehouse Chief Scientist
Moshe Luzon RF Senior Engineer
Avi Cherni QA Engineer
Katherine Arthurs Head of Customer Care