Will other people be able to find my stuff with the Pixie app?

No. Pixie is completely private. Other people cannot use your Pixified things or the Pixie app to locate your items (unless you give them your login details – so think twice!)

Do Pixies store any personal information inside them?

No. When Pixies talk to each other and your app, they are only sharing their location information relative to each other. They couldn’t care less about your personal information.

One of my Pixies fell off somewhere, if someone picks it up can they get into my network of Pixies?

No. Your login information is not stored within the Pixie Point.

Do Pixies report my data back to your company?

Nope. Pixies are not “trackers.” They do not monitor your behavior and do not store or report personal information.

Do Pixies collect data that you guys are selling to advertisers?

No. The only information a Pixie is concerned with is its current location relative to your other Pixies.