How far away can Pixie locate things?

Pixified objects can be located up to 150 feet away with the Pixie App. Everyone’s home is different, but a range of 30’-50’ indoors is typical. If you have solid metal walls, for instance, your range may be more limited.

How accurate is Pixie – will it tell me exactly where to find something?

Pixie is super accurate! Pixified objects can be located down to inches of their location.

How do Pixies talk to each other?

Each Pixie contains an innovative signaling technology which allows the tags to communicate with each other and with the Pixie app.

Can Pixie see through walls?

Yes! Pixie is magical that way…

I have really solid walls in my house. Will Pixie be able to see through them?

Pixie was designed to locate items through walls, cabinets or even inside drawers. Pixie can locate items between 30’ and 150’ away, depending on the construction of your house.

What if I left something behind at another location, can Pixie find that too?

Yes! With the Pixie app, you can see the last location of your Pixified item on a map.

Will Pixie work in my car?

Yes, Pixie will work anywhere, as long as your Pixified objects are within range.

Will Pixie interfere with the Bluetooth Phone System in my car?

No, Pixie will not interfere with the Bluetooth System in your car. Bluetooth is built to run few applications/connection concurrently with no interference between them. Pixie is no different, it uses frequency hopping and has very low air time utilization, so it does not interfere with other applications that use the same Bluetooth controller of your phone, or with any other Bluetooth application in its area.

Will Pixie work outside?

Yes, Pixie will work anywhere, as long as your Pixified objects are within range.