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How does Pixie work?

Pixie Points will help you locate the exact location of your stuff

Simply attach a Pixie Point to your Phone or Phone case and the others to anything that matters to you. Together they will signal to the Pixie app on your smartphone their exact location, so you can find it at any time!

Attach it to your keys

And never lose them again.

Put one on your laptop or bicycle

And stop worrying about them getting stolen or leaving them behind.

Perfect as a gift for your mom or dad's travels

And they will never lose their passport or leave their stuff behind.

Get your life Pixified

Prices are guaranteed only until launch.

1 pack

4 pixie tags - $69.95

2 pack

8 pixie tags - $129.95 Save $10

3 pack

12 pixie tags - $189.95 Save $20

What do you get

A pack of 4 Pixie Points and everything you need to start making your life easier.

Attach a Pixie Point to your belongings and you will always know where they are: your keys, your wallet or even your pet.

Every kit comes with:

4 Pixie Tags – self-adhesive and ready to go.

Key Chain / Pet collar Adapter – we know that most people want to tag their keys and pets, so we’re tossing in an free adapter to make it easy

Curve surface Adapter – for the things in your life that are not flat.

Locate your stuff

Immediately find the precise location of your stuff, even if it's in another room.

That moment when you’re in a hurry, but can’t find your keys – that alone can make you scream …

Wouldn’t you love to have X-Ray vision and find the keys within seconds?

Even if your keys are hidden underneath a couch cushion in another room, the Pixie app will tell you their exact location!

Protect belongings

Keep your belongings within range

With Pixie you can keep all your stuff close even when you are not at home. Pixie tags will create a virtual sphere and you will immediately get an alert if anything is out of that zone.

You will never leave the office without your keys. You don’t ever have to worry again about getting your laptop or bicycle getting stolen – as soon as anything is too far away, you will know about it.

Keep stuff together

You can create a Pixie “Smart Kit” with a list of what should be kept together – if something is missing, you’ll be notified immediately.

Create a “Smart Kit” for a baby bag, create one while traveling, or one while you visit the gym

Name the kit, create a checklist on your phone, tag each item and the app will show you what’s there and what’s missing.

Pixie tags will signal to your Pixie app

Pixie app – real fun and easy to use!

Supported Apple iOS Devices Using iOS7 or higher:

iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone6, iPhone 6+

Supported Android Devices Using 4.4.2 or higher:

Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One M8, Nexus 5

More details

Size: 47mm x 35mm x 3.2mm

Range: Up to 150'. Typical indoor performance 30-50'

Accuracy: within 1'

Lifetime: 18 months in typical usage

Works with all Pixie-enabled apps

Don't take our word for it

"No need to raccoon through your belongings to confirm you packed your passport"

Zack Miller

"Pixie determines locations within inches, and shows the the exact direction and distance to an object"

Don Clark

"While others offer hot-or-cold directions, Pixie let you see exactly where you left it."

Sean O'Kane

"Pixie has an augmented reality view that lets you hunt down your missing things."

Jon Phillips

"If something goes missing you’ll see an X on the screen - even if it’s on the other side of a wall."

Angela Moscaritolo

"Other apps might be able to show an item is somewhere at your home, Pixie can tell you exactly where."

Samantha Murphy Kelly

"Pixie enables precise triangulation even if they’re on the other side of a wall."

Adam Clark Estes

"Pixie pinpointing an object’s location , showing you exactly where to find it."

Jenny McGrath

"It’s the rare example of an augmented reality app that’s actually useful."

Sam Colt

Get your life pixified!

Prices are guaranteed only until launch!

Every pixie comes with:

4 Pixie Tags – self-adhesive and ready to go

Connecting adapter – for a key chain or pet collar

Curved Surface Adapter – for the things in your life that are not flat

1 pack

4 pixie tags - $69.95

Order Now! Receive June 2016

2 pack

8 pixie tags - 129.95 Save $10

Order Now! Receive June 2016

3 pack

12 pixie tags - $189.95 Save $20

Order Now! Receive June 2016