Why do you need Pixie?

Simply attach a pixie tag to the things you care about and never lose them again

Never lose your stuff again

Know the exact location of the things you love, not just an estimation.

Protect your valuables

Get notified as soon as you leave your valuables behind, or when someone takes them away from you.

Get X-ray vision!

Pixie's app shows you the location of any tagged object – even through walls - down to inches. Look through your phone and see exactly where everything is.

Things that belong together, stay together

Create individual kits with matching checklists and get notified when something is not where it is supposed to be. Pixify your luggage, your computer bag, anything.

Pixie is a perfect and useful gift for your pals

Could be great for your mom who is always on the go, for your dad who travels a lot, or for those friends who simply tend to misplace their belongings.