Don't take our word for it

"No need to raccoon through your belongings to confirm you packed your passport"

Zack Miller

"Pixie determines locations within inches, and shows the the exact direction and distance to an object"

Don Clark

"While others offer hot-or-cold directions, Pixie let you see exactly where you left it."

Sean O'Kane

"Pixie has an augmented reality view that lets you hunt down your missing things."

Jon Phillips

"If something goes missing you’ll see an X on the screen - even if it’s on the other side of a wall."

Angela Moscaritolo

"Other apps might be able to show an item is somewhere at your home, Pixie can tell you exactly where."

Samantha Murphy Kelly

"Pixie enables precise triangulation even if they’re on the other side of a wall."

Adam Clark Estes

"Pixie pinpointing an object’s location , showing you exactly where to find it."

Jenny McGrath

"It’s the rare example of an augmented reality app that’s actually useful."

Sam Colt