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The problem we are solving

The problem is simple: how to accurately locate objects? For the consumer that means “Where are the things I care about?” At the enterprise level the question is “how do I track those items in the production floor?” GPS is not available indoor at all, and not accurate enough to find object in a room. Simply put, there is no technology platform today that can really solve this problem with reliable precision and accuracy. For the past 3 years, we at Pixie Technology have made it our mission to solve this basic human problem. Our solution is called the Location of Things platform – LoT for short – and it’s ready for developers like you.

Endless possibilities – innovation at its best

The Location of Things, or LoT, is the first and only technology platform to accurately locate things on the fly, down to inches, even through walls. It simply works right out of the box, with nothing pre-installed . LoT goes with you and keeps on functioning wherever you go – perfect for today’s mobile lifestyle! There are two fundamental components to the Location of Things- Pixie Points and our mobile SDK. Attach a Pixie Point to anything you want to locate and the Location of Things platform locates it fast. You can build apps for travel, kids, gaming, pets and more. Get your innovation juices flowing, and imagine the cool apps you can build on top of Pixie Technology’s LoT engine. Have an idea for a Location of Things app? Our developer team can’t wait to hear it!

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Focus on the Cool Applications

Abstraction of the Pixie Points enables you to focus on the cool stuff. We have dealt with the HW elements and systems design such as RF protocols, UWB, BLE, pairing, advertising, tags administrations…so you don’t have to.

How does LoT work?

The Pixie Point

Small, efficient and incredibly powerful piece of hardware. Each Pixie Point includes a 2.4GHz ISM controller, an 802.15.4a radio, Power management unit, a power source (LiMnO2) primary battery and a wide band antenna. It is controlled by embedded firmware that manages the Pixie Point operations, such as distance measurements, standard Bluetooth activities and unique Pixie Network Protocol actions.


Accurate distance between Pixie Points is a must to create the relative locations between Points. Pixie uses the Time of Flight (ToF) method. With ToF, two Pixie Points measure the time it takes for RF signals to travel between them. Measuring ToF leads to accurate and robust distance estimation, relying on the constant RF propagation speed (the speed of light). For maximum accuracy, Points are using an 802.15.4a Ultra Wide Band (UWB) two-way Time of Flight (TOF) measurement.

The Pixie Network

Pixies Points communicate with each other, forming a robust self-managing network of things that is completely private and secure. The mesh network architecture provides 4 main benefits: • Power optimization for the Points • Range extension • Location accuracy improvements Using the network, the SDK can maintain full matrix of distances between all Points.

Location Engine

The location engine within the App can calculate exact relative location of each Point, a unique feature of Pixie Technology. Whether there are several things around or only one, our location engine produces an accurate map of things.

The static map (or static constellation of Points), is a composition of distances and relative angles between the Points. We described how accurate range between points is calculated in the Ranging section. Once the distances between all points is known, getting the angles is easy ( refresh yourself with the law of cosign if you are really into this…).

For more information on LoT Platform, click here to download the white paper.

Pixie SDK Capabilities

  • Pairing and association with new Pixie Points
  • Inquiry of all Pixie networks in range and their members
  • Probe the distance between any two Pixie Points in range
  • Documentation, development, and debugging tools
  • Pixie account management

Developers can integrate the distance knowledge of the physical world into an App that is targeting specifics use cases in effective and creatives ways. It can be appealing UI for “find my thing” App, or a game or any other creative use of this capability.

Far Beyond the Internet of Things

From travel and gaming to pets and kids. We can’t wait to see how developers like you use the LoT engine as a platform. This is a rare opportunity to go far beyond the Internet of Things and create a future in which everyday items gain location awareness.

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